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Windows 32&64-bit VST 2.4 Instrument plug-in (Full Version).


nuSpin will have you looking in new places for musical inspiration. Every image on your smartphone, digital camera or computer is a source of exciting new sounds! Simply load images, create a scan path, and play! Once you have created a sound from an image, put it into our powerful 3-oscillator synthesis engine and chisel it to perfection! Or use your sound to drive a plucked-string simulation! Or load an existing sound, morph it in the image scanner, and pop it into the synth engine. nuSpin opens up tons of new sonic possibilities!


  • Load Images, set up a dynamic scan path, and convert images to instrument sounds.
  • Load WAV Files, rescan and morph.
  • Image/WAV scan includes key-framable harmonic processing.
  • 8 LFOs, 3 ADSRs, 5 filters, Ring-Modulation, 3 Oscillator synthesis with flexible modulation options.
  • 4 multi-purpose parameters plus configurable MIDI control for each program.
  • Basic FM and plucked-string synthesis
  • High-quality classic analog oscillators (Square, Saw, Triangle, Sine)
  • Starter library of 250 Programs, 175 wavetables
  • More media will be available on nuVibrations store.
  • Electronic Manual.

Video Introduction

Screen Shots

Sample Sounds

Here are some recent samples from nuSpin (click the arrow to play):

Chill nuSpin ships with a variety of instruments ready to make your next song. Everything except the drums is our VST Instrument.

Jam nuSpin provides customizable filter routing so you can create some nice vowel sounds (like the bass in this example). Everything except the drums is our VST Instrument.

Orbit Great example of the blending of custom waveforms and classic analog waveforms.

Icewave Octave Bass It is easy to create and control evolving sound textures nuSpin. Our first version has 8 LFOs and 2 general purpose ADSRs that can be used to modulate parameters in the synth.

Sun Ray All sounds that ship with nuSpin will come complete with effects and are ready to drop into your next project.

Modulation nuSpin's beat-synchonized modulation control makes creating wobble-basses and other tempo-based effects a snap!

Minimum System Requirements

  • Internet Connection on target machine (Required to register and update)
  • CPU:3.0 GHz Pentium.
  • 1GB RAM
  • 1 GB Disk Space
  • Windows XP SP2 or later
  • VST 2.4 Compatible Host.

Notes on updates:

nuSpin continues to be developed. "Minor" updates, including more built-in sounds (in development), will be free for any customer who buys nuSpin.

Try it for free!

You can download the free version of nuSpin here.
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Price: $100.00